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Christ View Church


10:00 AM

Meeting Location
6801 N. 43rd Avenue

Just South of Glendale

Come early for coffee

Church Mailing Address
P O Box 2557
Glendale, AZ 85311

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Ministries & Groups

WOMEN'S MINISTRY -      F.A.R  -   Faith Above Resources   -            Little is Much in the hands of the Lord!    

The mission of the Christ View Women's Ministry is to promote spiritual growth and maturity in women, reflecting our belief in the authority of God's word and preeminence of Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.  First and foremost, we want to make sure that every woman knows that God is crazy about her and loves her no matter where she's come from or what she has done.  As women of CVC, we desire to grow more in love with God, His word and each other, and to demonstrate that love by the way we live.

    CVC Women's Ministry meets once a month for a time of refreshments, fellowship, teaching, sharing and special service projects.

     For location and/or more information please call CVC office at 602-995-0052

MEN'S MINISTRY - Mission and Vision:To challenge and equip men to become fully devoted followers and servants of Jesus Christ in the context of the spiritual leadership God has called them to in the home, in the workplace and in the church. Our vision is to equip men to be the right influence in their homes, neighborhoods, workplace and church.

Operation Good Neighbor -  Providing emergency food items to those in need. 

Care Connection -   First responders for the congregation of CVC to hospitals, nursing homes, jail and shut in at home visitations-                                          Contact Rev. Doug & Sis. Carol Rhyner at 602-995-0052

Honour's Voice -  Offering encouragement through spiritual support, prayer & visitation in times of grief & trauma -                                                                  Contact Bro. Paul & Sis. Debbie Lester at 602-995-0052

Real messages
for real people
in a real world






Jesus established the church to be a community of believers, a family, to encourage each other in unity and to project His love to the world. As a family, our goal is to love each other without conditions or expectations

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A Family Church for the "Whole" Family

Christ View Church
A Family Church for the "Whole" Family
at 6801 N. 43rd Avenue

Office & Mailing Address
(Note- Office is different from meeting location)
P O Box 2557

Glendale, Az 85311

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